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Webinar: Trends for 2023 an beyond

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Webinar: Innovative Pampering Approach To Babycare

Webinar: INUTEC SL1 - unbreakable stabilizer

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Webinar: preBIULIN ORAL and oral microbiota

Webinar: Ingredients and the skin microbiota

Webinar: Chicory uncensored - A peep behind the production curtain

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Your skin microbiota in the time of pandemic

Because of COVID-19 we discover that nature is not always our friend. Just as we were never the friend of nature. Unfortunately, I have only knowledge about cosmetic solutions, and I can’t  help with any advices to fight against the virus COVID-19.

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The Untold Story of Skin Microbiota

One of the biggest concerns in the personal care is how to formulate for the sensitive skin. This is because the number of allergies and skin reactions in sensitive skin is significantly rising. Moreover, the consumer became extremely demanding and cannot accept any mistake from any cosmetic brand anymore.

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Beauty and health through the oral microbiome

The oral microbiome is one of the least described microbiomes in our industry. Nevertheless, the oral microbiome has an immense influence on our health, our digestion track, and our overall beauty.

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Mouthwash of the future

The mouth wash of the future, rather than killing all microbes, should support the protective ones and should reduce the problem of the microbes only. The mouthwash of the future, instead of killing all microbes, should support the protective ones and limit only the problematic ones.

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preBIULIN FOS: Maintains the power of the skin

bacteria preBIULIN FOS
The skin has an amazing power to cope with the hostile environment, which comes from an alliance between the skin cells and the microbiome. When this alliance fails because of lack of nutrition, the skin is left unprotected.

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How to balance skin microbiota – inspired cosmetics with the EU legislation


he skin microbiota is not a trend anymore. It reached the status of a game changing discovery. Claims as probiotic, postbiotic and prebiotic are increasingly enriching labels of freshly launched products.

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