Group: Actives

Mimicking the skin lipids to strengthen the skin barrier

In BIODINE V different plants cooperate to mimic the composition and the liquid crystal structure of our skin. The hydrolipidic film of BIODINE V forms together with the skin cells the protective barrier that prevents transepidermal water loss. Sensitive, dry, or damaged skin suffers from a partially destroyed hydrolipidic film. BIODINE V repairs this damage thanks to its similar composition and liquid crystal structure. The effect of BIODINE V is immediate and long-lasting. It is one of the most powerful ingredients to restore the skin.

  • Smoother skin
  • Healthy and resistant skin
  • Skin repair
  • Immediate skin repair supported with a long-lasting effcect
  • Sun damage repair
  • Active in rinse-off and leave-on products
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Group: Prebiotic actives

The prebiotic marvel in baby and intimate care

The skin and the skin microbiota form together a perfect barrier. Both layers need each other and help each other. The skin provides the food, such that the protective microorganisms can thrive. In exchange, the skin microbiome:

  • Cleans the skin
  • Guards the skin from invaders
  • Communicates with our immune system
  • Protects the skin from damage
  • Repairs the skin
  • Conditions the skin

However, the skin microbiome is continuously threatened by the environment. Pollution, antibiotics, and even cosmetics intensively disturb the skin microbiome. This increases the risk of serious skin conditions. Prebiotics are food for the protective microbiota to prevent the skin microbiome from getting out of balance. Therefore, the skin becomes more resilient, lowering the chance of skin problems. On top of that, prebiotics help recover the skin from these skin problems.


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Group: Actives

A sensorial film former with immediate and long-lasting activity

GOSULIN® AGAVE is a unique sensorial film former derived in a natural and sustainable way from the nectar of the imaginative blue Agave (botanical name: Agave Tequilana).

The blue Agave originates from the arid region of Jalisco in Mexico. Agave grows in dry and unfertile soil, where no other crop can grow. The plant requires no irrigation, no fertilizing, no pesticides, and no herbicides. Agave is solely produced from the energy of the sun. The solar energy is transformed into a unique polysaccharide: branched Inulin.

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Group: Hair Styling

A sprayable cloud of natural hair-styling polymer

GOSULIN® CLOUD is a next-generation styling polymer. True to its name, GOSULIN® CLOUD imparts a luxurious and heavenly cloud of sprayable softness to the hair. This styling polymer is completely natural and outsmarts traditional, synthetic hair styling polymers. GOSULIN® CLOUD is the best solution for misty sprays without the usage of ethanol to beautifully distribute a strong film on the hair. The hair becomes flexible, soft, and flake-free. For the whole day, the hair remains in perfect shape. GOSULIN® CLOUD gives the hair a glimmer of natural beauty.

  • Natural
  • Microplastic-free
  • Excellent for mists
  • Flexible soft hair
  • Flake-free
  • Curly girl approved
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Group: Hair Styling

100% natural hair styling polymers with unmatching performance

Endless styling possibilities are created when GOSULIN® HOLD is combined with GOSULIN® STYLE. All the polysaccharides together intertwine into a firm and silky sensorial network that keeps the hair in any desired shape. The styling effects last more than a day. The shape of the hair, whether straight or curly, does not deteriorate even during sleep or intense movement.


GOSULIN® HOLD combines styling and conditioning benefits:

  • Excellent hold
  • Velvet hair feel
  • Natural look and shine
  • Hair hydration
  • Humid resistance
  • Curl retention
  • Thickening
  • Flake free
  • Whole day hydration


GOSULIN® STYLE combines styling and conditioning benefits:

  • Hair hydration
  • Curl retention
  • Flake free
  • Natural look and feel
  • Flexible hold
  • Low tackiness
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Group: Emollients

1:1 Replacing cyclomethicone with a natural solution



GOSULIN® IL is a vegetable-based emollient with unmatching and unique properties. GOSULIN® IL is a natural replacement for cyclomethicone as it perfectly mimics all the characteristics of these volatile silicones. GOSULIN® IL proves that natural can outsmart traditional. It has never been so easy to naturally replace an ingredient and in the meantime give your formulation a premium appearance.

Same characteristics as cyclomethicone:

  • Color
  • Viscosity
  • Odorless
  • Skin feel
  • Hair feel
  • Antisoaping of emulsions

Better than cyclomethicone:

  • No CMR, free of D4
  • No legal restriction
  • Low CO2 footprint
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural (COSMOS)
  • Full toxicological information available
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Group: Starches

A timeless secret to instantly improve the skin’s appearance in leave-on and rinse-off

More than a thousand years ago, Japanese women discovered the beauty of rice in skin care. Out of this timeless knowledge, GOSULIN® RICE was born, an ingredient that has an immediate visible effect on the skin.

Organically grown Mediterranean rice has been transformed into a white powder with an ultra-small and uniform particle size (4 µm). A special heat treatment enlarges the rice pores and gives the GOSULIN® RICE a remarkable absorption capacity. The rice has the perfect amylose–amylopectin ratio, making the rice stick to the skin and therefore effective in rinse-off, while not giving a sticky feeling.

  • Gives visible results after just one application.
  • Removes blackheads in a single application by more than 90%.
  • Refines pores in one week by more than 50%.
  • Erases sebum instantly.
  • Mattifies the skin even in rinse-off conditions.
  • Cleans the skin more efficiently than surfactants.
  • Immediately blurs imperfections away.
  • Illuminates the skin in just one stroke.
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Group: Actives

Condition yourself by nature

INUTEC® H25P is a highly purified Inulin. Inulin is a unique linear natural sugar polymer based on glucose and fructose. It is extracted by hot water from the chicory root (Cichorium Intybus) and is further enzymatically purified. INUTEC® H25P has the unique property of forming a smooth and pleasant film on the skin and hair. It is particularly effective when incorporating it in rinse-off products. Harsh shower gels with INUTEC® H25P become milder and make the skin softer. The hair feels smoother and regains its natural shine. INUTEC® H25P can also retain perfume and oil components from rinse-off products on skin and hair. In this way, INUTEC® H25P can boost and prolong the effect of oil-soluble actives on the skin or hair.

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Group: Functional

The unbreakable stabilizer for O/W emulsions

INUTEC® SL1 is a palm-free stabilizer that still stands by your side when all other options have let you down. It creates unbreakable emulsions with an exceptional sensorial experience. INUTEC® SL1 replaces cyclomethicone in performance. Finally, it boosts the performance of actives by creating a liquid patch. This liquid patch improves the availability of actives into the skin.

  • The unbreakable stabilizer
  • Improving the skin feel
  • Boosting the performance of actives
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Group: Functional

A versatile and completely natural W/O-emulsifier with unlimited benefits

NEOCARE P3R is a multifunctional, natural, palm-free, and easy-to-use W/O emulsifier. It results in elegant-looking glossy emulsions with an astonishing sensorial feel. NEOCARE P3R improves hydration and allows for water-resistant sunscreens with a higher SPF for free. On top of that, NEOCARE P3R is a powerful dispersing agent, making it excellent for sunscreens and color cosmetics. NEOCARE P3R formulations will immediately make the skin look and feel better.

The multifunctional NEOCARE P3R has it all. This emulsifier stabilizes challenging W/O emulsions and it creates elegant, high-end emulsions. It works in cold and warm processes. It can reach any viscosity between a milk and a butter. With NEOCARE P3R it is possible to easily incorporate 65% to 85% of water in oil. On top of that, there are no compatibility limitations in choosing the oils.

  • Intensive hydration for up to 24 hours
  • Enhances water resistance
  • Powerful dispersing agent
  • SPF booster
  • Versatile W/O emulsifier
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Group: Prebiotic actives

Getting visible results by supporting the invisible microbial world with a prebiotic banquet

For decades, cosmetic products have been focused on the human part of the skin. It was assumed that the skin, our outermost organ, is in direct contact with the environment. This insight needs to be improved, as the skin cells are protected by a mysterious and fascinating layer of microorganisms: the skin microbiota. Both layers need each other and help each other. The skin provides the food, such that the microorganisms can thrive. In exchange, the skin microbiome:

  • Cleans the skin
  • Guards the skin from invaders
  • Communicates with our immune system
  • Protects the skin from the damage
  • Repairs the skin
  • Conditions the skin

However, the skin microbiome is continuously threatened by the environment. Pollution, antibiotics, and even cosmetics seriously disturb the skin microbiome. Fortunately, the skin microbiome bounces back time after time, until they do not, and then the skin is exposed to serious skin conditions. Prebiotics are food for the protective microbiota to prevent the skin microbiome from getting out of balance. Therefore, the skin becomes more resilient, and it lowers the chance of skin problems. On top of that, prebiotics help recover the skin from skin problems.

preBIULIN® AGA is a synergistic union of high molecular weight inulin from chicory and the sustainable agave plant. preBIULIN® AGA is a prebiotic that is like a complete banquet for the protective skin microbiota. With preBIULIN® AGA, the full potential of the skin microbiome is unlocked and the skin remains in perfect health under all circumstances.

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preBIULIN® C90

Group: Functional

The Prebiotic Sensorial Thickener

preBIULIN® C90 is a revolutionary natural ingredient that outstandingly functions on 4 levels.

  • Thickens formulations while preserving beautiful transparency, even in very harsh conditions.
  • Provides a luxurious silky skin feel in rinse-off, leave-on, and emulsions.
  • Has prebiotic activity, meaning that it prevents the skin microbiome from getting out of balance. The skin microbiome becomes more resilient, and it lowers the chance of skin problems.
  • Hydrates in wipe-off formulations.
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Group: Prebiotic actives

The balancing prebiotic snack to unlock the skin microbiome code

Being the first barrier, the harsh external environment constantly attacks our skin microbiota. The delicate balance of our skin microbiota is disturbed by pollution, excessive UV radiation, domestic chemicals, and aggressive cosmetics. Their only survival package consists of dead corneocytes, sebum, sweat, and oxidized skin lipids. Sometimes this is simply not enough to cope with the environment. Then the skin microbiota weakens. When this barrier weakens, our skin becomes more sensitive, dry, infected, itchy, and wrinkled: the skin ages. An innovative solution to slow down skin aging and keep the skin in a healthy shape is to energize and protect this precious skin microbiota barrier. preBIULIN® FOS is a scientifically proven prebiotic that makes our skin microbiota and our skin more resistant under all circumstances. Protecting, reinforcing, and balancing the human skin microbiota is an essential strategy for preserving our skin health and beauty.

A prebiotic is a bio-selective food supplement for our protective and beneficial skin microbiota. Unwanted microbes are not supported by the prebiotic, while the protective microbiota is reinforced and balanced. preBIULIN® FOS is such a prebiotic.

preBIULIN® FOS is a hydrolyzed inulin extracted from the chicory root (Cichorium Intybus) and enzymatically purified towards a chain length of ten fructose units and higher. preBIULIN® FOS is the superfood for our protective skin microbiota. It strengthens the skin microbiota and ensures the microbial balance to keep our skin healthy and beautiful. preBIULIN® FOS is substantive to skin and hair, even under rinse-off conditions.

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Group: Prebiotic actives

An opacifying avalanche of prebiotic beauty

preBIULIN® OP is a highly purified extract from the chicory root. It turns transparency into an avalanche of warm, snowy, white sensations. preBIULIN® OP results in a beautiful natural opacifying effect. It offers a noticeable caring conditioning performance on hair and skin. preBIULIN® OP supports only the growth of Lactobacillus bacteria and is therefore an excellent prebiotic for intimate hygiene and scalp treatments. The high-molecular-weight inulin acts as a full meal for the beneficial lactobacilli, unfavoring possible pathogens. preBIULIN® OP is very pure, ensuring that the pathogens do not profit from this delicious food.

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Group: Prebiotic actives

A prebiotic specifically designed to balance the oral microbiome for healthy teeth and a healthy

When the oral microbiome is in balance, the teeth and the gum are well protected, and bad breath is reduced. Moreover, the oral microbiome is of such importance that it directly reflects on the health of our entire body. So, a happy oral microbiome means a happy body. The community of the oral microbiome is regulated by the Streptococcus salivarius, he acts as the conductor of the microbial orchestra that plays within our mouth. As a real conductor, he keeps the orchestra in perfect harmony. So, when supporting S. salivarius with prebiotics, the oral microbiome remains balanced; no microbe will play out of pitch and the face becomes decorated with a healthy smile.

preBIULIN® ORAL is the first patented prebiotic for oral care that outstandingly supports oral hygiene. The prebiotic consists of natural low-molecular-weight polysaccharides, derived from chicory and sugar cane. Sophisticated in-vivo studies prove the benefits of preBIULIN® ORAL:

  • Compensation for the adverse effects of an unhealthy diet
  • Boost the performance of toothpastes and mouthwashes
  • Indirectly promoting the health of the complete body
  • Prevention of tooth decay
  • Support of the protective microbial balance
  • Protection against dental plaque
  • Better protection against harmful bacteria
  • Reduction of bad breath
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Group: Starches

Respectful cleaning

REMYTEC® F cleans the skin without destroying the skin barrier. Therefore, it offers maximum mildness and comfort for the skin. The particle size of the rice is chosen such that it is too large to penetrate the skin and too small to be noticed on the skin. The hard, but unnoticeable rice particles efficiently clean the skin by scrubbing and absorbing the dirt. Cleaning with rice is an excellent safe strategy for keeping the skin barrier intact and for people with an already weakened skin barrier. REMYTEC® F respects nature and respects the skin.

The starting material of REMYTEC® F is rejected rice from all over the world. The upcycled rice is washed, and the outer layer of the rice grain is removed to obtain a white powder. REMYTEC® F-I is irradiated to remove contamination. Alternatively, we supply a natural version, REMYTEC® F-ECO.

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Group: Starches

Exfoliation in balance with your skin and with nature

REMYTEC® S is a scrub obtained by milling and sieving rice. It results in a white to off-white product. The resulting particles are square-shaped; making the scrub hard enough to exfoliate, but mild enough to offer great comfort to the skin. Moreover, the skin looks healthy and feels soft. In performance, It is an effective beauty exfoliator. REMYTEC® S is incredibly easy-to-use because of its high stability in personal care formulations. It will not affect the viscosity, smell, color, and overall stability. REMYTEC® S allows to formulate microplastic-free, as it replaces PE-beads, while it has the same influence on the final product. The ingredient is biodegradable and therefore it has a positive impact on our planet.

We also offer GOSULIN® S750 ECO, which is the heat-treated alternative. This ingredient is in performance as outstanding as REMYTEC® S and with a Natural Index of 1.

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Group: Functional

The natural cationic-compatible rice thickener for haircare

RISOLINE® TC is an excellent natural thickener for conditioners and hair styling products. The ingredient draws strength from nature to stabilize formulations containing disturbing agents, including cationic ingredients. RISOLINE® TC makes the hair soft and more beautiful. Formulating microplastic-free has proven to be easy with RISOLINE® TC by flawlessly replacing polyquaternium-37 as a thickener and stabilizer in conditioners. So, embrace the power of upcycled beauty.

  • Thickening
  • Emulsion Stabilizer
  • Improved hair feel
  • Easy to use
  • Cold process
  • Natural
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StabiCare™ BLOOM

Group: Functional

A cosmetic garden in the blossom of an incredible easy-to-use emulsifier for hydrophilic oils

Hydrophilic oils are like flowers in full bloom; these formulations flourish in skin care. Until today, natural hydrophilic oils are challenging to develop, but not anymore. StabiCare™ BLOOM is an easy-to-use natural emulsifier to create hydrophilic oils without any stability concerns. StabiCare™ BLOOM is simply added to the oil phase to transform it into a powerful hydrophilic oil. StabiCare™ BLOOM is compatible with all oils, making it very versatile. With StabiCare™ BLOOM a natural solution is given for formulating microplastic-free hydrophilic oils. Therefore, it contributes to a world where the next generation will also feel the excitement of cosmetics.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Transforms your oil instantly into a hydrophilic oil
  • Microplastic-free
  • Compatible with all oils
  • Outstanding foam performance in bath oil
  • Natural
  • Efficiently removes make-up
  • Mild
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StabiCare™ COLD

Group: Functional

A cold-processable O/W emulsifier that realizes dreams filled with natural beauty

Cosmetics make dreams come true. Dreams are even more enchanting when they are aligned with the well-being of our planet. StabiCare™ COLD is an innovative O/W emulsifier that makes these dreams a reality. StabiCare™ COLD turns an O/W emulsion into something indestructible and at the same time, preserves the planet for future generations. This is all possible by the power that StabiCare™ COLD has in store:

  • Emulsions are cold processable, making the formulation CO2-friendly.
  • 1% StabiCare™ COLD is already enough to make a powerful O/W formulation.
  • StabiCare™ COLD is natural and microplastic-free.
  • It is possible to incorporate up to 80% of oil into the water.
  • It is possible to make sprays up to butters.
  • The skin feel is light and very pleasant.
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StabiCare™ SOLUB

Group: Functional

Entering the world of environmentally friendly cosmetics with a natural solubilizer

StabiCare™ SOLUB turns the strength of natural ingredients into a functional solubilizer. Well-established solubilizers are ethoxylated and contain microplastics. StabiCare™ SOLUB is a natural microplastic-free solubilizer and enters the world of modern environmentally friendly cosmetics. StabiCare™ SOLUB helps solubilize small dosages of oil while maintaining transparency. The end results looks exactly like water. Also has a preservative effect, making it an inspiring member of the less-is-more trend.

  • Solubilizer
  • Preservative-booster
  • Natural
  • Microplastic-free
  • Transparency
  • Skinimalism
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Group: Actives

Kiss of beauty in the sun

TOSOLIN® P is a multifunctional active preserving and protecting the skin’s health and beauty through numerous pathways. In a series of in-vivo and in-vitro tests, TOSOLIN® P demonstrated the following activities:

  • Tanning
  • Repair
  • Protection
  • Hydration
  • Soothing
  • Purifying

TOSOLIN® P is based on purified polysaccharides obtained through the fermentation of molasses, a by-product from sugar refinery. These polysaccharides improve and control communication between different skin cells. Our skin is constantly challenged by the environment. Especially UV light is harmful to the skin. As a result, the skin ages faster and becomes more sensitive, drier, and less healthy. TOSOLIN® P offers a total solution. It awakens and improves all the defences in our skin under all stressful circumstances. TOSOLIN® P even awakens and improves the skin tanning process.

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