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  • Balances the body odor micro-organisms.
  • Quicker recovery to a healthy skin microbiota.
  • Natural conditioning comparable to well established synthetic polymers.
  • Enhances the effect of anti microbial formulations.
Preserving the natural beauty of the skin.

PreBIULIN® FOS is a polyfructose extracted from the chicory root (Cichorium Intybus) and enzymatically purified towards a chain length of 10 fructose units and higher.
PreBIULIN® FOS preserves the healthy look of the skin by balancing the human skin microbiota. It also balances the microorganism responsible for body odor.

  • Day and Night care
  • Sensitive skin
  • Elderly cosmetics
  • Hygiene gels
  • Nutri cosmetics
  • Skin identical cosmetics
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • …actually all cosmetics!!!
The Final Barrier

The main skin function is to build a protective barrier against the aggressive environment. The epidermis and more specifically the horny layer forms a shield that keeps out undesirable chemicals and bacteria.
Recent scientific research discovered that our barrier on its turn is protected by a far more impressive shield: a layer of microorganisms covering the epidermis. This layer outnumbers clearly the amount of skin cells. Each skin cell is guarded by a unit of at least 10 beneficial microorganisms: 90% of our skin is formed by this human skin flora.
This microbiotic film forms an impenetrable labyrinth for foreign/harmful microorganisms.
The discovery of this final and most important barrier is a game changer. Skin imperfections and skin discomfort are actually caused by a disturbance of our protective microflora.

Skin Prebiotic

preBIULIN® FOS is a novel and scientifically tested skin prebiotic. A prebiotic is actually an selective food supplement for our protective and beneficial skin microbiota. Harmful microorganisms can not metabolize the prebiotic. Hence the natural skin flora is reinforced and balanced, while the harmful microorganisms are disadvantaged. Is also Vegan certified.

Prebiotic Balancing Cosmetics

Being the first barrier, our skin microbiota is constantly attacked by the harsh environment. The delicate balance of our skin microbiota can be disturbed by pollution, excessive UV, domestic chemicals, aggressive cosmetics. Their only survival kit are dead corneocytes, sebum and oxidized skin lipids. Sometimes this is simply not enough to cope with the environment.
When this barrier weakens, our skin becomes sensitive, dry, infected, itchy and wrinkled: the skin ages.
A classic cosmetic approach does not take into account the needs of this crucial barrier. The solution to slow down skin aging and to keep the skin in a healthy shape is to energize and to protect this precious skin microbiota barrier.
preBIULIN® FOS is a scientifically proven prebiotic that makes our skin microbiota and our skin more resistant.
Protecting, reinforcing and balancing the human skin microbiota is an essential strategy in preserving our skin health and beauty.

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