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Long chain Inulin extracted from chicory roots and agave pinas. Hydration through the skin microbiota. A soluble prebiotic fibre.

  • A prebiotic super moisturizer that outperforms Hyaluronic acid.
  • Counteracts the damaging effect of preservatives on the skin.
  • Support the skin microbiota to reduce aging.
  • Vegan certified.
Prebiotic Hydration

A synergistic union of high molecular weight Chicory Inulin and Agave Inulin with a dual action:

  • Super hydration – Hydrates the skin via the skin microbiota.
  • Counter preservative – undoes the damaging effect of preservatives on our skin.

Skin protection is an essential step in keeping the skin attractive and healthy. The skin has a dual strategy to safeguard itself.
1) Hydration. A well hydrated skin is a well-protected skin. Water is crucial for building the barrier and to maintain the biochemical defence reactions.
2) Skin Microbiota. The outermost boundary of the skin is covered by a protecting and hydrating biofilm. This biofilm is a home for our skin microbiota that keeps the enemies of the skin out.

All cosmetic preparations contain preservatives. These antimicrobial preservatives are the weak spot in all skin care, as they reduce the protective skin microbiota.

Preservatives exert the following damage:

  • Reduction of skin microbiota – Reduced protection.
  • Increased colonization of foreign species – Increased risk of skin problems.
preBIULIN AGA as a super hydrating agent

The hydration power has been compared to the champion of hydration: Hyaluronic acid. 1.6MDa hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 0.1% is an extremely well hydrating. It is quite a challenge to do better.

  • PreBIULIN AGA starts to hydrate faster than Hyaluronic Acid.
  • PreBIULIN AGA hydrates better than Hyaluronic Acid.
  • PreBIULIN AGA hydrates longer than Hyaluronic Acid.
  • PreBIULIN AGA hydrates 24h.
preBIULIN AGA as a counter preservative

A counter preservative reduces the damaging effect of preservatives on the skin. The counter preservative supports the skin microbiota in its survival in the mid of destructive preservatives left on the skin. This effect is quite underestimated. preBIULIN AGA is the first counter preservative with convincing results.

A cream containing preservatives weakens the population drastically. preBIULIN AGA supports the skin microbiota in the presence of the preservatives which are always used in cosmetics.
A cream containing preservatives results in a significant invasion of foreign microorganisms. This increases the risk to skin problems.
preBIULIN AGA avoids this massive invasion and thus reduces skin problems.
preBIULIN AGA preserves the health and beauty of the skin.
preBIULIN AGA protects and hydrates the skin through the skin microbiota.
The micro organisms produce a protective and hydrating biofilm, which
is maintained with preBIULIN AGA.


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