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Inulin/Coconut based non-ionic natural polymeric emulsifier / stabilizer.

  • Improves the stability of hard-to-stabilize O/W emulsions.
  • Produces light, non-sticky emulsions, even in the presence of high amount of sunscreens.
  • From sprayable emulsions to butter-like creams.
  • Vegan certified.
INUTEC SL1 - The power of the detail in O/W Emulsion

Obtained from:
– Inulin extracted from the root of chicory (Cichorium intybus)
– Lauric acid derived from Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera)
Inulin is a linear polysaccharide consisting of fructose with one starting glucose part.
Inulin demonstrates 2 remarkable characteristics:
Unlike most other molecules Inulin is extremely flexible. It behaves like a rope.
Inulin intensively adsorbs water.
To obtain Inutec®SL1 this flexible and hydrophilic inulin is grafted with lipophilic lauryl chains.

INUTEC SL1 - Applications

Inutec®SL1 is suitable and useful for all cosmetic emulsions. More particularly for:

  • Baby care
  • Dermato-cosmetic
  • Eye products
  • Sensitive skin
  • Sun care
  • Hair waxes
  • Conditioner
The endless power!

Type and amount of of oil:

Inutec®SL1 is compatible with ALL oil soluble or lipophilic substances such as:

  • Mineral oil / waxes
  • Esters
  • Vegetable oils / buttes
  • Silicone oils / elastomers
  • Essential oils
  • Sun screens
  • Combination of all these oils
INUTEC SL1 - Enhances the performance of actives

The micro oil droplets formed by Inutec®SL1 cover the skin surface more efficiently than larger droplets, formed by a standard emulsion.

These extremely small and stable droplets form actually a kind of patch on the skin: A liquid patch. The actives present in the emulsion are therefore longer trapped on the skin with Inutec®SL1. Moreover the water phase is longer trapped under the liquid patch formed by the small droplets. This trapped water increases the availability of actives for the skin.
This increased availability and hence performance of actives with Inutec®SL1 has been demonstrated in following study.
Centella asiatica, a well known firming active, has been added in an emulsion with and without Inutec®SL1.
Inutec®SL1 boosts the performance of an active by 50%.

INUTEC SL1 - Innovates the skin feel of emulsions

The flexible hydrated Inulin film is able to encapsulate the oil into tinny droplets with an average diameter of not more than 1µm. The oil droplet size of emulsions stabilized with INUTEC®SL1 is therefore significantly smaller than the droplet size obtained with standard emulsifiers.
Since our skin is not able to feel particles smaller than 1µm, INUTEC SL1-emulsions are evaluated as
– light – non-greasy – non-tacky – extraordinary spreadability
Inutec®SL1 is able to mask the tackiness and greasiness of sunscreens, vitamins, waxes, petrolatum and many other unplasant additives.

INUTEC SL1 - Safety

Unlike emulsifiers, Inutec®SL1 cannot interfere with the skin because of its size and chemical structure.
The safety profile is therefore impeccable:

  1. Skin irritation: not irritant
  2. Eye irritation: not irritant
  3. Sensitization: not sensitizing
INUTEC SL1 - The unbreakable stabilizer for O/W emulsions

The mechanism:

In a mixture of oil and water, Inutec®SL1 migrates quickly to the Oil/Water interface. The lauryl chains are firmly anchored into the oil, while the long inulin polymers encapsulate tightly the oil droplet. In this way an unbreakable film of strongly hydrated inulin stabilizes the oil droplets. Inutec®SL1 intensively improves the stability performances of all other O/W-emulsifiers.
O/W-emulsions stabilized with Inutec®SL1 shows a remarkable resistance against the 2 major instability issue: coalesence and Ostwald ripping.

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