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Gosulin Agave is a unique cosmetic ingredient. It is a sensorial film former derived in a natural and sustainable way from the nectar of the imaginative blue Agave (botanical name: Agave Tequilana). The blue Agave originates from the arid region Jalisco in Mexico. Agave grows in dry and unfertile soil, where no other crop can grow. Agave is solely born out of the energy of the sun. The solar energy is transformed into a unique polysaccharide: branched Inulin.

  • Lifts wrinkles away immediately.
  • Masks imperfections under a translucent veil.
  • Provides a skin feel similar to elastomers.
  • COSMOS certified.
  • Vegan certified.
  • Facial cream
  • Anti aging
  • Wrinkle concealing
  • Men’s grooming (After shave gel)
  • Facial Mask
  • Bodylotion
  • Eye cream
  • BB-cream
  • Lotions
GOSULIN AGAVE - a production process in respect with nature

Gosulin Agave is the extracted agave polysaccharide, spray dried on a maltose polymer.
By mixing the agave with hot water, the precious polysaccharide is released and a nectar is obtained.
This nectar is spray dried on a maltose polymer.
The cultivation and the extraction has no impact on the environment, nor on food supply.

GOSULIN AGAVE - as a skin lifting and wrinkle filling agent

The comfortable network of polysaccharides woven over the skin by Gosulin Agave has both an appreciable lifting effect and an efficient filling performance on wrinkles.
In 5 minutes the wrinkle reduction is objectively measurable. The optical effect is convincingly noticeable. The effect is long lasting and depends on the dosage. The wrinkle concealing effect is already visible from a dosage of 0.25%.

GOSULIN AGAVE - for a mattifying finish

If used in higher concentrations (>1.2%) Gosulin Agave reduces the shiny aspect of oily skin. The effect is immediate and long lasting. It is an ideal solution to avoid the use of occlusive make up.

GOSULIN AGAVE - for skin caressing softness

The natural polysaccharides of Agave Tequilana, offers caressing sensorial properties to emulsions, lotions, serums and gels.
The agave polysaccharides form a velvet network on the skin together with the oils, polyols and thickeners present in the formulation. These polysaccharides offer to the formulator an endless variety of surprising skin effects:
– An improved and natural alternative to silicone elastomers
– A long lasting caring after feel
– Enhanced richness of watery formulations (gels, tonics, serums)
– A delicate softening of the skin: Immediately and long lasting
– Improved spreadability
The enhanced/improved skin feeling is already noticeable at low concentration (0.1%). In each formulation the aesthetic effect is different, but each time deliciously noticeable.

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